I found it in your laugh during our stolen phonecalls after school.
I found it in your sleepy voice while managing to say you love me too.
I found it in everything I know about you
and in everything I don’t.

I found it in “always”.
I found it in the weird language that only we understand.
I found it in your movements, your habits and your words.

I found it on every blank page where I wrote our “thank you”, saved our stories, and spilled our colours. I found it in your deep and golden eyes.
I found it in that white shirt you wear every once in a while.

I found it on your lips that whisper my name like a prayer.
I found it in the spaces between our fingers, on the calm of your hugs and, on the rage of your kisses. I found it in how you pull me close even if we’re a hundred miles apart.

The love that I’ve been waiting for, in the form of stars and grand encounters,
is the same love that fell into my arms in the form of peace
– in the form of you.

I found it in every single detail that is made up of you.