When I fell in love with you
I fell out of love with myself
When I found you
I lost me
I look in the mirror
All I see is a shell of the girl I used to be

You bind me
And torture me for your pleasure
You whip me
Cut me

And happily watch me bleed
And yet I keep falling deeper
You created our own little hell
Where you play the devil
And I the innocent soul

You have corrupted my being
And spoiled me for every other man
Now how can I think of pleasure
And not think of pain

Or think of love
Without thinking of hate
Or think of good
And not associate it with evil
For you showed me
There is a thin line between all these

Even our love making is out of the ordinary
You make me do things
Even mating devils wouldn’t do
And yet I have become so addicted to you
I can’t bear to think of me
Without you

I am bound body and soul
I am your bird with a broken wing
That can’t fly away