I’m not comparing you to a drug
Or bottle of whisky
But you’re the reason
Why my problems disappear,
Why can’t I be that to you?
You used to tell me everything.
Every time I ask you what’s wrong now
You just say it’s Nothing.

Then run for a bottle of whisky.
You know how painful that is to me?
We have kids looking up to us for heaven’s sake.
You know?
You know that every day I pray and ask God
To change you.
Give you a guilty conscience
Every time you touch that bottle,
Bring back the old you.
The man who used to love me,
Fight for me,
Respect me,
Choose me and my children over everything.
Where is that man now?
I’m not saying you don’t love us any more
But you have proven
To have love for whisky more than us,
A thing that has created thick borders between us,
A shame to my love, and an
Embarrassment to my kids
As you act funny
When you drunk,

Oh God grant me the Serenity.
To change what I can change,
And live with that I cannot change.
As a bottle of whisky has proven
Keen to destroy my marriage
Lord I beg for wisdom
To know the difference between
When I’m wrong and right,
I beg to show my husband the light,
Now till forever, I don’t want to fight,
I beg for peace in my children’s growth
Not be impacted, not to be angered, not to be
Affected by these demons and temptations,

Please give me power to encourage
This man I call my husband
To change and take charge in our love again,

With that Lord every pain
Caused by this man
Will be taken as a vanished stain.