My father’s mother is Miss Makua and she is Pedi,
My father’s father is Mr Skhosana and he is Ndebele.
My father speaks Pedi and Ndebele, he calls himself
Makokwana Johannes Skhosana ka Makua.
Who am I?

My mother’s mother is Mrs Sibeko and she speaks Pedi.
My mother’s father is Mr Sibeko and he speaks Ndebele.
My mother speaks Swati, Ndebele and Pedi.
Sometimes at family gatherings they speak siSwati
As they say their grandmother, mother of their mother, was Swati.

At my father’s house, my mother and father
They speak every language for ten seconds.
Sepedi ten seconds,
Sindebele ten seconds,
SiSwati ten seconds,

I am really confused, every time I open my mouth
I sound like I am speaking Xitsonga
Who am I