That is when you know its love.
It cannot be in different colours.
You can’t give it different shapes.
There is no way it cannot be one.
It cannot be divided into pieces.
It cannot be changed, love stays love
Love is love, whether with me or you.
With love, it grows at once.
With love, it stays the same.
Then love don’t have to change.

It does not have to be broken down,
There is no way it can see with two eyes
Then love is truly blind.
If it walks in different paths,
Then love is not leading anywhere!
So love don’t have to change.

Love don’t have to change,
Even though it is no longer there
Even in situations where it is impossible
Whether we still hold it or left with it
We can be either giving or loosing it
Love stays love
Love grows being love
It cannot be turned
It does not need to be re-painted
It has no change
It cannot be changed

Love is that gift,
We all have to lift,
Can we do it a bit?
And give it a seat
As we keep it neat
Always when we meet.
Because in love we are one
We are never gone.
Then love is light,
Let us keep it right,
Even at night,
For it is bright.
In love we become strong,
As we are never wrong,
For we still long,
And we still hold on.
Then love don’t have to change.

Love don’t have to change.
Even in tears we cry
In happiness we share
Even in situations where we have it not
Whether we’re black or white
Love never changes.
It goes a long way being love.
It stays still called love.
It has no sides.
It can’t be turned around and around.
Love has no shape
It keeps on going
That’s when I say…
Love don’t have to change!