Love at first sight: I guess the heart wants what it wants.
I guess we really have no control of how we feel inside.
Sometimes it’s wrong, and sometimes it’s just right.
Who’s to judge?

When it’s love, it’s love. No matter what.

They can throw stones at us, but love can put up a bigger fight.
The world can laugh, but we’ll just keep shining the light.
It’s love at first sight, and I never thought anything existed as such.

But here I am; thinking twice, growing wise, and getting closer to the God.
Wondering where was this all the time? And why now?

I smile. The way it’s convincing my heart, converting my mind,
and my soul finally getting to meet you; my love at first sight.

Thank you so much. I’ll never forget you walking by
and me thinking; ‘what on earth just happened right now?’
The world didn’t just spin around, it actually stopped for a while.
Amongst the crowd, I saw that you were the only one.
You stand out, shy as you are.
Just when I thought ‘teenage’ crushes were a thing of the past,
you came and ignited that fire, fast.

I never believed, but I do now.
From the moment I laid my eyes, you brought heaven down,
My love at first sight.