Love is a great a liking or affection
Love is a sexual affection or passion
Love deals with allegiance and appreciation
Love is blind and it makes people go crazy
Love doesn’t annihilate, love needs time

True life never dies, dies by mistake
No love no life, it means you are loveless
People must amuse and be devoted to each other
People who truly love you they will call you with sweet names
Loved ones are called love, sweetheart, darling, smilekeeper, etc
Love is all about being in a relationship

It’s not easy to replace someone you love
It’s very hard to say cheerio to the loved ones
It’s very tough to let loved ones go away
Love is patient and must be taken step by step
Love makes people blush, and stop imagining about life
Love, it’s a feeling about someone who you wanna live with forever
Love is warm, kind, being open to each other, love is real
Poor and rich people are loved
Orphans and hobos also need to be loved
Money can’t buy love, but can buy presents for us
Love is like breathing we can’t live without love