Darly rato laka
Darly manikiniki
Darly makhissa nna fela
Sphalaphala se nhliziyo yam
Sugar ‘n Spice
Sofa S’lahlane wam
Smatsatsa sa pelo yaka

Well, sthandwa sam
My love for you is
Deeper than the ocean
Higher than the mountains and the stars
As special as the sky to me

Your love for me is
As sweet as honey
As hot as Mercury
As pleasing as a graduate
As soft as a mother’s touch

The sound of your voice is
Like music to my ears
So sweet
Soft ‘n Clear

The kiss from you cannot explain
It takes away my worries
My pains
For a while

The touch of your hands
When you hug me
Makes me feel like
I’m in heaven
And every day when I pray
I thank God you are mine

I am your Cinderella
The one that controls your heart
The one that controls your palace
I hope you feel the same way about me
Because if it’s the other way around
I really wouldn’t know what to do