Love, loves.
Love, lives.

I had been loved
I had been left
I’ve been embraced,
I’ve been deserted,
I love love but love never loved me,
I still wonder, “What is love?
Where does it come from?”
Or worse, “Where does it live?”

I thought love lived in my heart,
But my heart was broken,
I only felt a heavy pain.
I thought love lived in my brain,
But my brain is against my love.

Then I met a gorgeous, beautiful lady,
And I said to myself: “I know love,”
But love itself responded and said:
“Nobody knows me!
You all know my name love.”

Exactly what is love?
Love is a combination of feelings,
Potentials, romance, carrying last but not least
Faith, belief in love not to be loved back.

What is killing us is that we love the way we do,
And expect the same from others,
When we’re not loved back
We become miserable
And that only proves we don’t love ourselves.
Without somebody to love,
I hope you find your love, my Love.