Who said that love is weak, selfish and impatient?
Who is spreading those lies?
I fail to understand that what makes them to come to this conclusion.
Love is now turned into a bad thing, a monster that is going to tear you apart if you let it come closer to you.
What are we as writers spreading across the earth?
What messages are we distributing about love?
Is it good things only or bad?

I for one would say love is none of those cruel things that people label it to be.
Love become bad if we let it to become obsession and jealousy.
Yes, where there is love, there is jealousy.
Jealousy of not wanting to share, jealousy of selfishness.
Once you are selfish, that’s when you start to become impatient with your partner.
You start setting time of coming home and going.
Now that’s what we call cruelty, selfishness.
Where is love now? Let’s not turn right to wrong.
Let’s teach good not bad. Let’s spread love not hate.
Love is sharing and love is caring.
Love is warm.
Love is many things but never cruel.
We are born with it but have learnt how to hate.
Let’s not tell people scary stories about love; for they will fear to love.
Teach love, spread love, live your life and fill it with love.
Love to love, and love will love you.