You assemble my life.
The degree of love is unmeasured.
It penetrates passionate to infinity.
The love I feel weighing pounds.
My love alternates into the corners of your heart.
It is well fixed mounted on the carry heart.
It transformed the feeling of being loved.
You are the tank of my love.
It shall keep on rising till it reaches its maximum.
It is the process to increase happiness.
Your dimension excites mixed fruity tasty feeling.
The gauge of my true love.
You are my heart arrestor.
The generator of kindness.
The conductor of my whole life.
The locking device of my self-center.
The love pressure releaser.
The ignition of my love arcing point.
The love without earthling.
The erector of my love purpose.
The copyright of my own love.
The authorised vision of my life.
The competent energizer of happiness.
The consoler of my heart broken.
The holster of my heart