Love are the simply few letters
But they mean a lot. Love doesn’t
Demand but love is to love with
Your mind not just with your heart.

Love doesn’t doubt or fight.
Love doesn’t choose who’s
Wrong or right it accept.

Love can’t be explained by the
Words you say with the lips of
Your mouth but it is proven by
The way you act and so love is

Love was there before in the
Centuries but today we listen
To every word and people use
Those words to break our hearts.

Love doesn’t ask why and when
The time is perfect it happens on
Its way.

Love conquers everything even
It is powerful than hate. Love is
A four letter word but it takes you
To understand and be loved.

I wonder where love is now!
Is it from the books we read!
Is it from the songs we listen to!
Is it from what we’ve been taught!

Love isn’t from all the above because
Love is inside the heart but you just
Have to wait and it will find you when
The time is right because it does not
Rush. I’ll never be…