Unmoved by society’s expectations
And uninfected with the infection of trying to fit in.
Once, I was such a girl.

Now everything seems to change hastily
I feel like time is cheating on me unmercifully.
How I dress and people’s attention on me
Has now calibrated my calibre.

I no longer visualise the future.
I’m now short sighted,
My vision lies only in the present
My dreams are slipping out of my hands
And the coordination of my brain and fingers
Is failing to hold them back.

Honestly, I’m falling apart.

I sometimes carry myself to the mirror
And all I see is the society’s definition of me
The true me is now invisible,
She is slowly dying and giving birth to the fake me
How I wish I could rebirth the old me.
Oh! God, just stand by my side
‘Cause I feel like I’m losing my direction