I’ve being so fast, digging holes
No one runs, eats and hides like me;
I was a master of all houses
Inside the house
By night cried my shoes;
The leftovers I ate and crushed
The cloths I made rugs
They spent sleepless night
When I was around

Poison and snag were there for me
Death couldn’t touch my tail
I’ve being so wise and untouchable
I never thought of anything
Faster than I
Oh! My God forgive me
For dying thus

I didn’t know it would be my fate
That I the wiser and fastest animal;
Will die like this
To die in the house of a Gogo
By surprise I was in his tough nails
He was stronger and faster than I
My God forgive me,
I am not trying to complain
For the life which is taken away from me
I am just reminding you
That there will be nor remembrance,
Nor grave, nor tombstone for me
Forgive me for dying in my sins