Our hearts were pure,
Our souls were innocent
The world was full of joy
With no hatred and no betrayal
There was no sin in your absence
Until you were introduced to our lives
And we accepted you with our warm hearts
Our arms wildly opened,
With the thought that you are
Bringing another joy to us.

You did as expected
The joy that we were expecting from you!
You gave us
Even though it was a temporary joy
But you gave us
We gave you our hearts to stay because
We thought you deserve the best

Nobody noticed that
You are not what we think you are
Nobody noticed that
You came to steal our eternally joy
And live us with your temporary joy

Now the whole world is a mess!
Who will ever fix this mess?
Who will ever turn back the hands of time?
Even God himself cannot do that!

Our nation is no longer united
Women are the victims of love
Children’s future is doomed by love

You’ve destroy everything that was given to you
Our hearts are no longer pumping blood,
The only thing they do is produce fake love
That is covered with fragile happiness.

Our minds are no longer thinking good things
They’re now factories that are creating weapons
To destroy innocent souls emotionally

I dare you, Love!
You will not complete your mission
Because the Lord our father will intervene
And put an end in you and we will live
Like you never existed in our lives