Nothing lasts forever, not even your troubles.
It’s for hard and dedicated individuals who
do not give up easily on their dreams. No
matter how rough and tough is the way to
success, never lose any hope instead they
fight to get to the top with a slow pace.

Sometimes people will not give you the
support you need, and it’s often the tasks
or tests you should go through in order to
achieve. It’s not an easy way to success
but needs stronger people sometimes
declines, by chance or environment
changing courses, untrimmed.

“Nobody can give you all the tools for success
nobody will help you because it’s your success not theirs
man don’t give up, hold on till you reign your
success that you’ve worked so hard for”
wait for the opportunity to come cause
it will, just be patient.

Real success is off the stage so as a human being,
You had to but off the stage and unity
with fellow man to achieve your goal.