Lonely who are you?
Why do you keep coming into my life?
Lonely you are something else.
You are like a disease that cannot be cured.

Lonely? Lonely I hate you, you make my life so difficult.
Why can’t you leave me alone and be happy?
Everyday everytime when I run away from you,
you keep coming back. Lonely I hate you.
You are nothing but a headache.

My head keeps spinning because of you.
Tears like a river from the sea which can’t stop falling.
Lonely, you make me hate my life.
My life is not complete because of you.
Lonely? will you ever leave me?
Will you ever let me have peace?
When will you stop coming into my life?
When I die or what?

Lonely I don’t want you in my life anymore just let me be happy,
I am tired, I am really tired. Enough is enough!