Tears rolling down my cheek
The only thing I saw was a lonely chick
Praying oh God of heaven did you ask for a helper?
The world has titled his darkest side of her

The world has fallen over her feet
She spent a lifetime stuck in silence
Trying everything to fit in but darkness has taken over
She didn’t create a tombstone in her womb

She wasn’t addicted to drugs
Yet she was judged for who she was, a Lesbian
They paged all the pages in the bible
Trying to judge her for who she was

Yet forgetting that they created tombstones in their womb
What does the Bible say about that?
If the truth is being forbidden
Then we are breaking all the rules

She had a special thing in her
It grew bigger and bigger, like a rainbow
She didn’t create a tombstone for it
She kept it, maintained it

She didn’t lose it
Like a goose on the loose
Her life was a remedy
It became a comedy