I’m all alone
Left all alone, crying is the only thing I can do
My tears won’t stop
I’m hurt, broken
Everyone I trusted is gone
Why did they hurt me?
What did I do to them?
Tell me
Is telling the truth wrong?
Is being honest wrong?
I can’t stop these tears please stop
Stop flowing like river
I feel like my lungs are going to pull out
Why would my friends leave me all alone?
I miss them but they hate
I love them but they don’t want me
All because I choose my life
Why hate me?
Hating me because I hate partying?
Do you hate me because I hate alcohol?
I loved you
I was a good, great friend
Was that too much?
I’m all alone
Hurt, broken
Torn I just want to fly and never be found
I just want to be free and happy
I just want to feel joy
I’m hurt
In my own shadow
I’m broken
Just a lonely bird
Hoping, looking for a perfect
Hoping to find friends who will
Appreciate and love me
Just the way I am
Happy tree to build my
Just a lonely bird