Me, I always had someone to talk to
Someone to make me laugh
I was never a quiet person

But it all changed
In a blink of an eye
I lost everyone
Honestly, I have no idea what I did wrong

It’s like all my friends were attracted by a magnet
and pulled away from me
Without them I saw no future
No reason to live

I wish my family was closer
Family is something else
They will never turn their backs on you
They are always there for you

If only I had a twin
I know for a fact that she would never leave me
She would always be right by my side
Never allow me to be lonely

Sadly I don’t have one
I spend all my days lonely
Alone with my thoughts

If I was God
I wouldn’t let me live this life
I would take it
Sadly, I am not God

And the only thing I can do
Is to live this life
For it’s a gift from God
I will live it till God states otherwise