Death you took my little sister away from me when I was still young,
I didn’t understand why but I had to bear the pain.
Since Death took her away
I promised myself to never love again or
feel anything for anyone
since she was the only person
whom I loved more than anyone.

Now Loneliness started to follow me,
it became my best friend,
it taught me how to be independent
and strong.
I grew up with my new best friend “Lonely”,
not making much friends
because I was shy (which I still am)
and I didn’t want anybody to invade my space and peace.

Everyone tried loving me
and tried being friends with me
but I keep on pushing them away.
So those who could tolerate my behaviour stayed,
and those who couldn’t left.
That is how my friend “Lonely” made me: cruel, rude, heartless and cold.
But really I am sweet, shy, kind and friendly.

Again Death visited me and took my aunt, uncle and a cousin whom I called brother,
and I still kept my cool.
Then Loneliness became more than a friend;
it became a family.

It made me feel lonely
even when I’m around a pool of people.
It taught me to love darkness
and not to believe in love
or trust people.

Somehow something grew in me.
For the first time in forever I felt something.
I had always been numb,
so this feeling scared me
and it was a feeling of love!

After I learnt how to let people in my life and to finally let a little bit of light in my life,
as usually Death had no respect
and it didn’t knock when it came:
it decided to take my friend!

I’ve never ever in my life thought I would bury one of my friends
whom I knew since from our primary level up to finishing secondary school
so early, without working,
without a car
and still living under my parents roof.

Loneliness are you a friend of Death?
Why every time I want to make real friends
and associate myself with real people
You become jealous and invite your “friend” Death
to ruin things for me?

Are you happy now, Death?
You made me bury someone I love
and care for,
my friend (my brother)
just like how you made me bury my little sister!!
It makes you happy to see me lonely
and sad.

I know that you are here to stay,
We all going to end up dead someday,
But here’s the thing: as long as I am still alive,
Death, you won’t make me sad and lonely
Because I have people
who are there for me no matter what!

I still feel numb most of the time, yes,
but I am prepared to care for the ones who care for me.
So Loneliness, we are no longer friends, and Death,
I’m not afraid of you!

I believe that everything happens for a REASON…
So each person you take away from me Death,
there’s a REASON for it…