Listening to the sound
Of the breeze that directs
The movement of the leaves.
Every sound my body makes
I can hear it!

Sitting alone in a dark
Corner wondering if I
Fear being alone or left alone.
The conversations that are loud
In my head are making me lose
My sanity of the real world.

Every sound I hear makes me
Cringe as my hollow body has
Become an instrument of silence
With rhythms that come from
The surroundings. The shadow
That reflects the body has companions as the
The physical body longs for affection that might
Not even last a lifetime.

Are we afraid to be alone or to be left alone?
I pardon my loneliness by
Taking part of conversations
That are meaningless to the soul.
As I cherish the loneliness, I
Have finally come to realise
That loneliness and I are meant to be.

That is why I am engaged to solitude,
Getting married to loneliness and
Starting a family with serenity.
Are we afraid to alone or left alone?
Loneliness is beauty with hideous mysteries
That need to be unraveled like unexpected gifts
So tell me. Are you afraid to be alone or left alone?