National Lockdown,
Only essential workers are on duty
Streets are quiet
When you go outside it’s like no one exists
No busy cars beeping their bells
No people walking up and down in the streets
No one is allowed to travel
On the corner streets it’s empty
If you’re caught red handed
You will sleep in the cells for a month
You cannot go out without a permit
They are mostly granted to those essential workers.

This pandemic got us all worked up
Lockdown is the only option for now
All we have to do is to stay at home for the sake of our lives
We are not doing it for anybody but ourselves
Let us all respect our government and the decisions they make
Wandering in the street will help nobody
But the lockdown will be extended more and more
Fellow South Africans, let us abide by the rules and not be disobedient
If we don’t abide,
We will revolve around this
And the government will be blamed
It will be like the government has failed
But instead we failed ourselves by failing to follow the rules.

What has become of us as the nation
It’s like we no longer stand together and united
Like our national anthem says
This shall pass
Life rotates in the same place every day
Every day same routine
Oh Lord, please help us
Together we can.