“A life without parents”
Lerato woke up early in the morning preparing for breakfast.
While she was busy eating her breakfast,
her grandfather said, “You didn’t even bath but you are eating.”
She was always sad and ended up having anger issues
because her grandfather was always complaining
about everything she did,
even when she was not doing anything wrong.
So one day her grandfather was insulting her
and she got angry and she was shaking like an earthquake
and she said, “What do you want from me?
You said I am not your child, so
why do you keep on abusing me emotionally?
Is it because I don’t have parents?”
She ended up hitting her grandfather with a cup of tea,
then her grandfather said she must leave the house.
She left, now she is staying with her friends
because she doesn’t have a home.
Living with toxic parents affects children
and they end up being violent.