Once upon a time I prayed to God for an angel,
to enter my life, to make it happy and joyful.
Years passed with no response.
Years in marriage with no blessing.
Years of being mistreated
Years of being shamed
Always crying myself to sleep
Oh, the maltreatment I endured.

Then one day my prayers
were finally answered.
Finally I was going to become
a woman, a woman fully.
I cried out loud when I saw
the pregnancy test lying there,
that was one of my happy moments.

I lost her/him again,
for the thirteenth time
but I promised myself that
I will never ask God
Why me?
because I know ‘why me’
So that I can be
living testimony,
an encourager to my fellow nullipara
that the day will come,
we will be the one
saying, ‘Once it was us’.