Does it take remorse or honesty
To admit the stuff you wanna do
But struggle to?
Does it take a miracle for the heart
And the mind to start
Working together like pulleys
And gears?

How come the heart knows it
So clear
But the mind struggles to see it
Though it’s bare
And Naked for all others to see?

Deep down I know you are me
And neither of us is captive but free.
Instinctively I know that our breaths
And heartbeats could revive Ja Rule’s
Rapping career like Ezekiel’s bones
But somehow my mind conflicts with
My heart
Like water and oil
Because of their different boiling and freezing points.

See, the heart easily relates to nature
And boils quicker since it knows all,
But my mind always desires the blackest of coals
And furnace fire
To turn to dust like a burnt tyre
Maybe then it will be ripe
To the wire
And I will finally appreciate
It’s supposed oneness
With my heart.

I stand here arms folded
Like my being’s arms after making all things one.
Or is it that all have always been one
And from the beginning it was done,
All that was for me was to enjoy
have fun?

My thoughts take from my being
But have a bad habit
Of raising dead experiences
Like Lazarus.

How I wish to forget all
But how can I when all that mattered
Wasn’t only the thoughts that tortured my smile.
It is those that eat the same poison
That drove me to the point of death
And Being denial.

How do I pull the sting
Out of their mouths and minds,
Saying the very truth
They have renamed heresy…

My heart says they too will know
And my mind says:
What if they’re comfortable with the lie?
I’ll live the heart!!