They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,
While putting their venomous venoms into our
Brains beneath the surface of the Earth or body

They spread their venoms and keep us shut
Promising the better future.
Our rights are shoved in one man’s hands
Who opposes freedom of speech, that’s why we’re speechless.

Not by choice but as destined I suppose,
They say today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders,
Tell me how can you lead tomorrow without knowing today’s history?

Or are you just gonna stick to the phrase
“Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery?”
Aren’t you gonna fight for your own rights?
For your people’s rights?

Mind me if I go against the contract of today’s youth,
It’s just that my mind is stuck to the youth
Who fought to death for their rights in 1970s
And reached their silver lining
But I’m not here to contrast
Nor judge
But when you read
Your speeches are tiring
Enough is enough

Youth of today, know your state and rise,
Own your crown