Life is getting difficult
Day by day
Feels like we’re already living in hell.

We all want a little of that short break
Can someone please ring that bell.
We feel so imprisoned by problems
We don’t see it any differently
From living in a cell.

Tears are being shed,
Motivations and comforts are needed more and more.
Depression is knocking from door to door.
So much negativity in the atmosphere.

Get an earbud
Because this is something you have to hear.
If you’re looking at yourself
And say you will never find
A beautiful, attractive woman in your life,
Well, Jay Z just became your saviour.

If you’re thinking
Since you’re not doing well in school
You will never make it to varsity,
Well, Jacob Zuma became president
With no matric and nothing heavier.

Failed a test and feeling down?
Albert Einstein also did
Up and change that behaviour

If you think your alarm clock
Woke you up this morning
Try putting it next to a dead body.
For there are so many little things
We are not appreciating
Which actually seem to be worthy.

Life is not only lived but it is lived for a reason.
Every truth was not always meant to be visible
But hidden.
Nothing in this life of ours
Is given without a fee.
For nothing can be given for free.
Your problems are the fees you pay
In order to achieve your dream.
For no one lives life without any problems
However it may seem.