I just wanna share these words…
Hopefully one day when you’re fully grown you will understand,
When I tell you that you’re gonna be strong,
Don’t you ever let them do you wrong,
Don’t you ever sacrifice your soul,
Don’t you ever give up on yourself,

I can’t tell you that it’s going to be all good,
But I assure you it won’t be all bad,
I remember the day I first held you in my arms
I whispered in your ear: ‘welcome to the world’
I knew then that I had to protect you where I could,
This journey won’t be easy but you’ll be fine,
As long as you don’t forget the word of the Lord,

I promise there will be angels walking with you every step you take,
If I’m not around to see you mature, just know I’ll be watching over from above,
I just want you to know, you’re perfectly perfect even with your imperfections,
Don’t ever dim your light, cause it will help you when you feel like you’re in the dark
I love you now and forever, little sister.