Like an eagle on a pine needle
So I gird up my loins for Himalayas pinnacle
Coz yonder lays my package of pineapple

Like a butterfly
I still have a long way
To flap and fly
Till I go beyond the sky
Coz yonder lies my future’s glory

Like an architect or a builder
I still climb higher and higher
On my tedious ladder
To fix my tower
Coz yonder lays my green pasture

Like an ant
So I have to sweat for sweet
Till it is no mean feat
Then feast on it

Now yonder shall I sit
On a heroic seat
And weave all the lines of my achievements into a basket
And then feel like Mandela the president

Like a buffalo
I have to toil for oil
No gain without pain
So like David the warrior I say ‘AMEN’