Like a bolt from the blue
in a manner of speaking
no Shakespeare or Sir Bob
or Jitsvinger or Dr James Matthews

Like a bolt from the blue
that bit of conspiracy coming
from a past speak-for-us-minister
now speaking-for-himself-wherever
(a very small “m” for minister)

Like a bolt from the blue
the new man on the block
(is it always a man on our
man-ruined planet earth)
out pressing flesh in Delft
a-wondering about sabotage

(the Netherlands’ Delft
is a city near Rotterdam
but is out here too
quite uncannily so
on the Cape Flats)

a-wondering about sabotage
from within the belly of the beast
our behemoth service provider
as it once was so called
many full moons now gone by

but says our emperor-new
he on the campaign trail
we are pulling out the stops
in a manner of speaking
(everyone now openly transparent)

he turns on the election-charm
(getting into bed with the locals)
though not in all official languages
making light is he with the natives
as it were

Like a bolt from the blue

Out Delft-way, the new man is on the election-blocks, just a day or so past our Sharpeville-Human Rights Day. And, Alec Erwin is that I’ll-scratch-your-back-now-watch-mine-Eskom former trade unionist minister who did the “bolt from the blue”, circa 2008.