You couldn’t believe that light
and darkness could coexist so you
cast me away; yet you watched the stars
in the distant ebon nothingness
every night; but still, you could not
notice the metaphor the universe
was trying to portray.

I watched you adoring the stars
but like them I was the light entangled
in the web of darkness, and the shorting stars
you smiled at died trying to escape.
But unlike them I was not ready
to die, just to fill your emptiness with hope;
instead I concealed myself beyond
the clouds, until you longed to see me again.

But you despised the clouds
for they shrouded your tainted sanctuary
yet they hung under the blue sky
sadly watching you breathe and weep
I, too, saw you and felt the compulsion
to come to your aid, to show you
that all you lacked was always
right in front of you, but you kept
on chasing shadows.