11 November 2004
That was when your mom left us
I slept on the right side of the bed
You were in the middle

Left behind in bed
I thought I was strong enough that
I could raise you by myself but I guess
I did all that I could do
How painful

I know the pain of raising a baby girl alone
I know the pain of having to play two roles
As a father and a mother
What do you think of the trauma that is within my daughter?
Isn’t that dangerous?
It is

To whom will she learn female roles?
To whom will she tell when experiencing menstruation?
To whom will she cry when hurt?

I have a strong heart like a rock
I won’t waste time looking for a woman
To raise my baby girl as a stepmother
Because I know that stepmothers
Can be so dangerous too

I came across a stranger with
A thought that she could help me
Raise my daughter only to find out
The stranger is abusive too

All that we went through
A journey of a lifetime