To live in the hearts of those we love is never to die.
Death is just the puzzle of life we all wish it could
never be completed. I’m in deep sorrow. I know
you have finally reached the final destination every
living creature is not spared.

But somehow there is part of you that was left in us.
Somehow it’s like you are still with us. If you were
gone why do I picture you in my mind, why do I
still hear your voice and why do I still make every
decision only to make you proud?
No farewell words were spoken, or any goodbyes said.
You were just snatched right in my arms before
I was ready to let you go. Before I tell you that go well
I will be fine without you. I wish time travelling machine
was not just sci-fi created only to play with
minds of the fool but a reality.
But if I could put my hands on such an impeccable device.
My first thought would be to go back to that time where
everything made sense. Before that day I was left lonely
without a shield to protect me from the worries of this world.

With all the things I wanna tell you, only time was gonna be
of the essence. I would pour my heart to you and tell you I’m
sorry for every quarrel and disobedience I was just being human.
But the truth has to be said you were my everything, I’m grateful
for everything.

I promise to be a better person, to be that man you can
point your finger and proclaim loudly that “That’s my son
I’m proud of.” I promise to accomplish that which my father never could.

You are my first thought every morning and my last every night.
However, putting the blame to whom it belongs, I blame no one
but him. DEATH THE DESTROYER. Thank you for being the
sun that gave me light. Thank you for being the shelter that gave
me warmth and comfort…