What life brings is always unexpected
You may order a package online but
you’ve never seen it, the same as in life you
give birth to a child not knowing what
that child will bring to your life

Life is never known, you love expecting love
in return without knowing the inner being of that
person you just called your love
The day you draw your first breath, your life
has long since begun but you were not aware of it
Life is never known, it comes before the owner
comes and knows the future before the owner
does, but we expect to run it.

Life is never known, we always do what our
minds tell us, not what is meant to be done
Everything was set for us before we even
took our first step on the ground but we want to
run life instead of strengthening what was
set before us, before we were here
Life is never known, you cannot rule it
but you can lead it