It’s my dream. I’ve dreamt of it
Since I was a little boy started
To work so hard to get where I am

I started getting credit and
Attention for who I have yet
To become. It made me feel like
Everybody see my vision like
They see where I’m headed.

I started trusting friends and
Counting on them for everything
I realised this life I’m living
Everyone wants to be a part of
At this point in time.

I thought it was only right to
Let them in while really they
Were taking me out. In the
Process I ended up helping
Them build their dreams,

My whole life was at a pause
Literally forgot what I want
I became very stubborn living
Life doing 90 in the fast lane
Without direction I thought I
Had found my self after all.

There was never a day I would
Worry about working so hard
Anymore we never shared a bed
Though we shared every great news
I thought we had a lot in common
And soon we would become engineers.

Say the apple don’t fall too far
From the tree. You aim for the moon,
You most likely fall on the stars
It became my biggest reality check.
Like ‘yes’ I’m fooling around with
Half the girls I like I got every
Corner in the hood calling me ‘OG’.

Though I’ve always wanted to be
Known for something good I never
felt bad being known for pulling
Out a knife for the preacher
He was trying to guide me
Told he should tell this people the truth
Told him he should get a life rather
With a knife on his neck
Now he has a testimony.

I mean I’m the one suppose to get
A life instead baby mama on my neck
About meeting halfway community’s
fed up, see now they want to kick
Me out my books are lonely and police
Were looking for met hit me hard
Now I have to start all over from

Writer: Thabang Mookamedi