Self, (Life begins with you and ends with you)
Self-motivation is encouraging yourself
When everyone is discouraging you.
Self-confidence is not only attained
From the positive side but also from
The negative side as well.

Self-love is not only loving the
Best about you but also loving the
Worst about you.
Self-control is not only regarding doing
The wrong but also not allowing people
Who hurt you to destroy the good in you.

Self-esteem is not about being yourself
But also about remaining yourself when
Others try to change what you love about yourself.
Self-forgiveness is not just accepting that
You were wrong but the ability to face
Reality about who you were.

Self-belief is not only believing in
Yourself when things others believe in
Your endeavour but even when others
Do not believe in your endeavour.

The story behind the poem.
When Maria Carey said there is Hero inside you and When you believe, the two songs are the reason I got my Degree in Economics and Informatics in 2007.Once I understood the two songs then I overcame challenges in my life, losing my mom in 2008, ectopic pregnancy tragedy in 2009 September, got retrenched October 2009, failing at love relationships. Once you do it for yourself then you will understand the one failing to do it, then the problem is with them not you. Your dreams will come true even with all challenges life throws at you.