Weevils with their probosces
First digest our beans
Then our sad berries they fill
A comfort comes in

Later a weak stomach acid hints
To the heathy sanitation prefect
We prefer our magnesium
To neutralise the hydrogen concentration

Transversal waves from the siren
Follows the native language “MBOLA”
Silenced with deadly slaps
Move move quietly into classes
Graveyard silence continues
Whilst out head offers different players

Yes physics, chemistry and biology prayers
That tomorrow scientists
Be our rebel
Form 4! Form 4! Then the siren last waves weird our ossicles
Form 1 deza! The house father’s demand
Mystery slaps on the back

With reason of being Form 1 (Grade 9) follows
Tidy your rooms and toilets he orders
Then we aimlessly bed, fear of VAKABO
Sleeping names the untold peace to us.

Bed by bed
The father’s call a sped a sped at night
Tirelessly he claims for quarry
Then he makes a solution
A little of it in it
Then he moves into class

Forgetting pleasure hidden inside blankets
Like nocturnal animals searching for the prey
He turns the pages of physics
Till he finds why owls hide during the day

At 4 in the morning he then trudges on the way going to the hostel
Ooooh overnight studies (transmbembe) successful
He mentions in his heart
Should he die like Newton?