Love was all that I needed.
As the day goes on, the wind of life
blew around me which left thrilling chills through my spine.
Touching and kissing a woman was all that I could think of.
Life and its packages, no one knows
its content and importance.

She appeared before my eyes like
a jar filled with honey, brightly as
a light and attracting me to taste it.
Within a twinkle of an eye, she was right beside me with a seducing
hand around my waist.

In life, what you sweat for is more
valuable than what walks directly into your hands.
Her scent was something subtle and pleasant.
‘be my quest and dance with me.
With a husky voice she said.
As I started to think right, I was on a bed with her.
Life, is not all about sex
but making the right decisions and plans
towards the future.
I found my fingers running over her buttocks.
She begun to moan with pleasure.
I felt a delicious trickle within me.

Inevitable Approaching hips propelled forward again and again.
It is better to slip the tongue than to slip the mind.
Never lose your mind no matter the situation.
Every step you make, let it be guided by your brain.

For my reward that night,
I was left with a deadly disease and all my
money was gone.
She vanished, like a green snake in a green grass.
Every package life gives you, never slip your mind to take it in haste.
Think twice before you take an action.