Life is life, life can never be
Blamed because life is unfair.
It gets unfair much more
Until you cannot take it anymore.

We know that hardships
Can always be in our lives
But they were not meant
To remain constant in our
Lives because harships
Often prepare us for an
Extraordinary destiny.

We are allowed to cry,
We can cry as much
As we want for our
Particular reasons
Because you know
Why? Crying is not a
Sign of weakness,

It is a sign of having
Tried too hard to be
Strong for too long.

However, in life we
Get happy and more
Happier when we
Discover that one
Of the happiest
Moments in this life
Is when we find the
Courage to let go of
What we cannot change.

This is life, what I noticed
About life is that life is like
A piano, white keys are
Happy moments but
Remember both keys are
Played together to give
Sweet music, therefore
We must open our eyes,
We are not made up of
Those words that hurt us,
We are lovely and complex
Souls, an individually fascinating
Combination of thoughts, ideas,
Feelings, emotions.

Most of all, life is about
Moving on, accepting changes
And looking forward to
What makes us stronger
Because without accepting
The fact that everything
Changes, we cannot fing
Perfect composure.