A depict of life can be in different forms.
Allegiance and tenaciousness can really
Shape your experience of being alive.
When you inseminate dissemble you
Will certainly reap inglorious.
The future will be unable to prepare
A good life if you live a grime life today.

To live a great life you have to mould it
While you are still vernal. That’s the
Only ability to live an adept life.

The possibility of a life without a purpose
Is unlikely successful, always be
Keen to find your purpose.

Human’s life is not renewable, you only
Get one chance to express your abilities here on Earth.

When every time passes it must be considered
And not have buts and maybes. You will never
Get a chance to live yesterday – for time has been set

Time of birth have been recorded so are your
Activities and also time of death.

Live with no regrets, always fight for your desire and rest
Not until it is satisfied. Even though there are
Obstacles but certainty you will have the ability
To overcome them.

We must not circumvent crucial matter namely,
God and education. Being opaque won’t help us,
We must be skilled so that we can use our expertise
For good purposes. Every person has a certain score
Of grace at a certain appointed time and if you don’t
Take advantage of the chance the grace will be invisible.

Life is so precious, fragile, valuable and wonderful.