I shall take pleasure in the bosom of nature,
And ride on the wings of cold breeze.
Whirling my thoughts from side to side like grasses
Directed by the wind in winter;
Let me yawp on the birds and have a sweet conversation,
Just let me be.

Show me the path to the sun,
Let me feel the natural fire from another world,
Let me have a glance of the perfect hue man calls love,
Let me observe that which holds it up,
Can heat of some seconds consume a mortal?

Let me through hell,
Let me sing with the creatures dancing round the fire,
Let my skin burn for I know my soul shall stay,
Let me sing sonorous serenade with Lucifer while playing the harp;
Just let me have some time in another life.

Open the gate of heaven for I seek to view its beauty;
Let me see Moses, Elijah and touch the helm of Jesus’s garment.
Let me sit at the right hand of God and call Angel Gabriel for services,
Let me hike on the golden path of paradise where angels parade,
Let me wear the pure white garment and feel the peace from it.

Let me have some time to myself,
Spare me some time for myself.
Let the world understand that a man needs to be alone sometimes,
Let her understand I need some time to go through some thoughts alone,
Just let me be.