Life is beautiful;
simple things are great.
See the natural wonders,
take time to appreciate.

The salty tinge of the ocean,
a building askew.
Life is all around us
in a cascade of hues.

Even with the sorrows,
violence and crime.
Life continues onward,
ruled by Father Time.

Mother Nature by his side;
a power couple supreme.
Life gives, we take –
this is the theme.

Give back, they say,
stop wasting life’s resources.
Help stop the barrage,
the destruction of the forces.

Too little water here;
too much of it there.
This is life’s warning –
There are limits, beware.

Sleep well, be at peace;
life sings a lullaby.
Nobody promised tomorrow;
your actions though, modify.

So enjoy what you can;
life holds nothing back.
But think of those to come;
their world will be dark, heed the signs, alack.