Life is a journey
Travel it without fear
Feel at ease to travel while having fun
Explore, while you’re at it
Be sure to enjoy it while it last
For if you fail to, it will enjoy you without mercy

Don’t be afraid to live, love and laugh at the fullest
But with care for life is too good yet too short

Life is like a book
Feel completely free to read it
Read to learn more from it
For it is full of great lessons to wise people who are wise enough to realise and are ready to learn Like a sweet novel, read it to enjoy it but most importantly to understand it
Do not take for granted that failure to understand it
Leads to a quick and short ending which is death
Don’t miss any step because you will lose the meaning of the whole book
That meaning is life, in general

Life is a challenge
Try it
Don’t be afraid to take risks
Let yourself try new things, new tricks
Stop being afraid of heights
Don’t gamble because you might lose
Give life a try but be open-minded
For only the intelligent minds get through

Life is more like mathematics
Only great minds can understand and pass it
Not all can pass but all can try
Add positive thinking
Love, peace, joy and hope
Then you’ll obtain marvellous results
Subtract jealousy, hatred, sorrows tears and regrets
Divide or share wisdom, ideas, opportunities, good memories and laughter
Multiply your wealth, blessings, family and friends
For only awesome things will come to those with hope, trust and hard work
Losers, failures and quitters will always find reasons to blame others for their failure

Life is like an echo
What you send outcomes back to you like the saying that says:
“What goes around comes back around”
You only reap what you sow
If you send love to others, you will also receive love,
If you give out more you will definitely get more but If you give out less
Don’t be surprised if you get less in return
Nothing is fairer than life
But most of us don’t get it though

Life is surely a game
Play it to enjoy
But also play it right rather than playing it safe
It is also not wrong to play it safe if you can’t play it right
Be warned though!
Nothing feels more awesome, interesting and exciting
Than to know your game and being good at it
That way you get to master and nail it
Never let life defeat you
Always plan, be a step ahead, take action, win