We were never best friends.
All I know is more than I awoke.
All I have seen since yesterday
Is dark brown eyes playing a melody behind my mind.
You will be mine and I will be yours since yesterday.
All I feel is my stomach butterflies.
I just wanna know you better.
Feeling like I missed all this time.
Meet me there tonight so that
It does not feel like a dream in my mind.

I have waited for you since our last lifetime.
I am tired of waiting…
My heart sinks with the absence of you.
I get into depression, into emotions I have to forget.

I cannot settle for second guess.
Come back and tell me why I feel like
I missed you these entire years.
I want you and need to meet you.
I want to know and love you.
I want to die with you and wait all over again for you.

Lies shield their hearts.
I don’t want their cheap thrills.
Their need for love only lasts six hours until dawn.
All I want is to see and meet you.
‘Cause my butterflies, I’m beyond shame.
I want to hold you in my arms.
I want to marry you.
I will do that until my breath goes out of me.
I will wait to re-do it all over again.