And I found myself chasing a man.
I found myself begging a man to stay.
Begging for his love.
Begging for his approval.
Begging for his trust.

A man who has lost faith in me.
A man who has given up on me.
A man who said goodbye.
And I wonder what I have become.
As I stare at the stranger in the mirror.
I have lost my way.
In search of some man’s heart.

I am angry.
Angry of what I’ve become.
Of who I’ve become.
Since when did I become a weakling?
Since when did I need a man to breathe?
I must have bumped my head
Hard, whilst I was falling for him.

And I fell.
I crashed.
I broke into a million pieces.
I loved.
I cried.
I found myself lost in the darkness.
All because of some man.

Some man who said
he wouldn’t leave.
Yet he did.
Some man who said
He wouldn’t break my heart.
Yet he did.

Now I realise, I have to
Pull myself together.
I realise, I have to find myself.
It is time, I let go.