Under the dusty slums,
We stand.
Crying against liberation
We suffer and breathe death,
Killing all men, all races
With selfishness

They never give us a room to grow,
Calling us an inferior race,
But blackness was a gift
To classify all those who were oppressed.

They collected one another
For freedom purposes
To strive and fight back

Let us applaud them for sacrificing their lives
Some are dead, but spiritually they are among us,
Speaking for freedom and truth,
And some are still alive but strength-less,
Why, South Africa, why?

Let us look back
And rectify the wrongs of the past,
My Africa, my home,
Africa; soul home of joy
Look back, Africans –
My challenge to you is to take Africa back
And that depends on you and me.

We can make the difference.