I know you’ve found yourself a man,
A man who loves you better than I ever could,
And in ways I know I never would.
But here’s what I’ll never understand.
How could you just leave me after everything I did for you?

You told me to be patient,
‘Cause you needed time to make sense
Of all the things in your life that were intense.
So you made me believe that you’d be mine,
When the time felt most divine,
But what you failed to tell me
Was that there was no guarantee
Of you ever loving me
Because I was just a nominee.

I gave you my all to lose,
When you had the option to pick and choose.
What hurts me most is not the fact that in the end,
I was not the one for you.
But how you would put on a show and pretend,
That you felt the way I do.

I won’t play the victim because
I myself have broken hearts in my closet.
But we set a line of faithfulness and loyalty
And yet you still chose to cross it.
You watched me bleed out my heart for you,
Fully aware that your own was askew.
Told me you loved me but you said it to him too.
I just wish you had told me these things that I never knew.
Then maybe these scars of mine would remind me of better times.
But now instead they taunt me and remind me of all your crimes.

I’ve never had much to believe in,
And that’s why it tore me apart to watch you leaving,
Because you were the only thing in my life that had meaning,
So the reality of being without my anchor was kind of demeaning.
But I won’t waste any more of this letter professing my pains.
I want to ask you a question with whatever piece of this paper remains.
And in response I ask for a letter back that clearly explains
In detail exactly why you really left me.

Just tell me a better a lie,
Just tell me the reason why,
‘Cause the lie you told just won’t suffice,
So please don’t take this chance to fool me twice.
Give this restless heart of mine a piece of closure.
Please find it in yourself to tell me the reason,
Why you committed such an act of treason.
Just let me know why you let me go,
So I can close every door that makes me want you more.