Birds chirping in their nests,
Chicks tweeting as they hatch,
Celebrating the death of a new worm is a mother.

Snakes hiss as they devour the fear of the enemy.
Neither do I know it’s also an act of fear.
Why do I fear what I am superior to?
Ask God, child.

“You are what you think”, he says.
But why is the nature of your tongue so powerful
Piercing my wounds to the the core?
My scars, I can’t erase.

“You are not what they say”, he declared.
But why why is it that my toes twinkle
When you utter a word,
That whenever the mirror speaks
It lies and calls me beautiful?

“Don’t let them get to you”, she says.
But when my feet drag me to a place of solitude
So peaceful, so quiet,
The sound of the breaking glass in my heart interrupts.

Go away you devil!
No come back!
Confusion swims,
as my thoughts freeze in my head
Cold as ice, I eradicate my being

You perceived, and I listened,
But what if I stood there, my eyes locked in yours
And I dropped, screaming I AM YOU!