So innocent and delicate
Born in this ugly world
Yet so beautiful
Fulfilled prophecy and dreams achieved

So tiny, no teeth yet your smile is brighter than the sun
So lovely and so tender
Your hands closed into fists and I’m wondering what you are holding

Looking like your mother
And not me
I see a glimpse of my mother as you grow
The lamp that I cannot put under the table because I want you to shine to the world

Born in this world full of sin
Where men look after their own interests
Where everyone has a price
Where love is costly
Where pride drives all

I cannot protect you from everyone and everything
I can only guide you
Your gender has become vulnerable and is an endangered species

You are a treasure and were born to be great
I love your mother and will keep her close
Never let a man mistreat you
The same way I treat your mother is the same way you should be treated
Although I believe, better.